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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…….


Getting outdoors can give real boost to your mental health and wellbeing.


So for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 we have created some outdoors fun that is for everyone to enjoy. Starting from Meon Shore and ending at Stokes Bay we have laid a trail of painted stones, some with inspirational words and messages for you to photograph and share on social media. Instructions can be found on the label on the reverse of the stones. All we ask is for you to kindly place them back where you found them.


There are 52 to find in total, so grab your friends and family and have fun!


START Meon Shore

999 what’s your emergency? Look below the clue for the first stone!


Walk east along the sea wall to the wooden gate at the beginning of Hill Head harbour.


Go through the gate and look down to your right, your next stone is here. Can you see me?


Walk around the harbour to the sailing club. There are 5 more stones hidden around the club green area. Leave no tree, post or fence unturned!


Walk along the front towards Lee on the Solent. There are some steps up the bank to the road. Somewhere lays another stone uphill but don’t go too fast this is a police speed check area! Walk long the road now about 100 yards.


It’s a Breeze of a place for breakfast or afternoon tea. Search the boat for your next stone.


Continue your walk down the road east and turn right into Crofton Lane and into Salterns Car Park.


14 colourful stones lay here in the grass edges of the car park, search the walls and buildings all around.

Continue along the shore towards The Shack. It’s not only ice creams that can be found here. Look up and down leave no rock unturned 7 more stones to be found here.


Head along the beach to the slipway opposite the Hovercraft museum. Its rock and roll all the way here for another 7 stones.


Continue East along the beach and head up to the memorial gardens area opposite where the penguins and bluebirds hang out for a cuppa. 2 stones might be a bit yucca and 6 have been ‘planted’ around here!


Stroll along the promenade to Elmore Angling club. See if you can land 2 stones here.

Head East and arrive ‘Bayside’ (Note if the flags are flying red you cannot walk across the beach at Browndown camp).


Our Final 6 stones can be located here. Time to put your feet up. Total distance = 4 miles approx.


Found a stone? Take a Pic with it and share it on our Solent Mind Facebook Page or Solent Mind Twitter Account!


Good luck and Enjoy!





Peer Supports Get their Certificates


After completing their intense training course our new batch of peer supporters recently gained their ceriticates and are now planning to support the wellbeing advisors with workshops and host support groups in the local community. Congratulations to them and we welcome them to the team!


Fareham and Gosport Mind Merger with Solent Mind


In the annual general meeting at the end of November 2013 our members agreed to the merger of Fareham and Gosport Mind and Solent Mind.


The two charities have been working closely together for several years. With shared goals and philosophies, it made sense to take it to the next step in a time where it is quite difficult for small charities to survive on their own.


With this merger, the expertise and recourses of the two organisations can be pooled. It also enables us to build on recent successes, developing and extending services, offering staff greater security and development opportunities, while ensuring the highest possible quality of service, and securing the future of Mind in Fareham and Gosport.



Official Opening of Wellbeing Centre


Fareham and Gosport Mind recently opened our new wellbeing Centre in West Street, Fareham. Which had an amazing turn out and we were featured in The News. Please see below for an extract of what was published.


{ Caroline Payne, the Centre manager said: ‘We do a lot of very small focus groups and we do a lot of one-to-one work... we now work with around 200 people across the area. ‘We have a staff of 13 and out of the 13 there are nine of them who have had mental health issues themselves.’


The centre was opened by the Mayor of Fareham, Cllr Susan Bayford.


She applauded the centre and its continuing work.


Cllr Bayford said: ‘I am delighted that this Wellbeing Centre is in the centre of Fareham.’


The Mayor cut the ribbon and said: ‘I wish them every success’.


Cllr Bayford said how important it was to have a walk-in shop front so that services are accessible.


She also praised Hampshire County Council for supporting Fareham and Gosport Mind, and its continued investment in support for people with mental health issues. }


Extract taken from Portsmouth News. To read full article please go to...



Wellbeing Service Update


Since we started our new service on September 2012 we have worked with nearly 200 of you as well as giving advice and signposting many more people who have telephoned or dropped in to our office and the Nimrod Centre.

We want as many of you as possible to come along to our first forum to tell us how we have done and what we can do more of and better as well as any new things you might like to see commissioned. By then 7 people with lived experience from Fareham and Gosport Mind will have gone to a Southern Health forum to do something simillar around their services and we can feed that back to you. This is your MIND, please make your voice count Our Mindfulness group starting in January is full, but another is planned for after Easter.


For more information regarding any of these events please contact us on the details giving above.



Successes Since the Start up


Fareham and Gosport Mind have been running a Wellbeing Centre since September 2012. Since then Great relationships and support from Southern Health and Stakeholders locally have been built. Also over the past 8 months the team have done 1-1 work with over 150 people who have referred themselves or been referred to our service.


Our Mums in Mind project offering support to Mums with under school age children has been a huge success, we offer a structured support group, and a follow up low intensity group., and then work with mums to help them access groups in the Community.


To read more of the article click here...




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